Immerhin mal eine zielgruppen-spezifische Spam-Mail:


I am Bernie Madoff the founder of wall street firm Bernard L. Madoff investment securities LLC in 1960 and was the former chairman of NASDAQ. I was accused of fraud worth over $65 billion dollars and was arrested on Dec 11,2008 and on march 12,2009.I pleaded guilty to 11 federal crimes and admitted to operated the largest ponzi scheme in history, I am currently in Butner federal prison outside Durham, North Carolina, serving a 150-year sentence, I regret a lot of my mistakes and I want to make amends with the remaining days i have left, giving the people back what I stole from them, I find your contact on KBB solar

Let me not go into many details. I have millions of Euros in offshore financial house,money nobody knows about except my bank officers, because the money was deposited under serial codes. I need your help right now to reinvest the money.Fifty percent will go to charity,20% will go toward the promotion of gospel and building of churches and mosques all over the world,25% goes to you,while 4% goes to the bank officials who will help you facilitate the transaction, I know that I will die soon because of my heart attack and kidney cancer. Ruth my wife will not come and visit or talk to me my two sons, Mark committed suicide in 2010, and Andrew died of cancer in 2014. I want to die knowing that i have touch life and make a difference please I want this transactions to be completed as soon as possible.

If you wish to read more about me and my family OPEN the link below

Kind respect
Bernie Madoff


Über kungler

Finanzanalyst, Immobilienhai und Unternehmer mit Idealen.
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